Pediatric Psychology

What is Pediatric Psychology?

Pediatric Psychology is a specialized service that focuses on the emotional, social, and behavioral issues that can happen because of medical conditions.

Pediatric psychologists work with children, adolescents, families and medical teams to:

  • Address behavioral health problems that happen when there are physical health concerns
  • Promote healthy behaviors
  • Encourage follow through with medical treatment plans
  • Inspire motivation for treatment
  • Improve quality of life
  • Ensure comprehensive care for children of the Mid‐South

Outpatient Care

When the family and medical provider decide psychological services are needed, an internal referral will
be made. Talk to your Le Bonheur provider to see if a pediatric psychology referral is the right choice for
your child. Services are currently available in the following clinics:

Additionally, patients seen at the Le Bonheur Children’s Outpatient Center in Tupelo, Mississippi can
speak to their provider about psychology services available at that location.

Family Assistance Program 

The Family Assistance Program (FAP) is a program designed to provide support for families of hospitalized patients by:

  • Listening to your concerns
  • Offering emotional support
  • Aiding in problem solving

What if my child is not seen in a clinic currently providing psychology services?

Many children with and without medical issues also experience psychological concerns such as
depression and anxiety. If you have any concerns about your child’s psychological well‐being please
speak with their pediatrician. If your child does not have a pediatrician, please contact Le Bonheur

Other Related Services

Le Bonheur Psychiatry — Psychiatry is a related service to psychology and is the appropriate choice for
your child if you are looking for medication management

Le Bonheur Social Work — Our social work team serves all inpatient and some outpatient areas. They
provide information and assisting with adjustment, planning, resources and referrals. 

Family Resources

Resources for developmental delays and/or intellectual disability:




Psychological resources and providers in the Memphis‐area:


Behavioral disorders in young children:

Tourette’s Syndrome/Tic Disorders:


Areas of expertise include the diagnosis and treatment of the following:

Attention‐Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Behavioral disorders


Illness‐related emotional disorders (adjustment disorders)

Intellectual and developmental disabilities

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