Gingerbread Village

A snow-covered village of scrumptious creations awaits you!  From cozy cottages to majestic mansions, all are designed by local chefs, businesses, individuals and groups, and are nestled across the landscape of this magical gingerbread village!  

To join us as a Gingerbread decorator this year, please visit the following link for more information.

2021 Gingerbread Village Awards


  • Christmas  Imaginations decorated by Luke, Okley, and Maggie Campbell
  • "Let the Season Shine" Glittering Chateau decorated by Lila Mills
  • Candyland decorated by Ceil Mashburn


  1. Sush-Ski with Me decorated by Salt|Soy
  2. No Peeking 'til Christmas! decorated by The Schmidt Family
  3. What Time is it?!?!??  It's Christmas Time!!!!! decorated by Owen and Rachael Cottam


  1. A Christmas Mountain Home decorated by Regina Heimbach
  2. Huff, puff can't blow their CHRISTmas spirit away! Decorated by Shari Moore
  3. Winter Dreams decorated by The Cotton Family


  1. Santa's Landing at the Memphis Zoo decorated by The Flack Family
  2. A Camping Christmas decorated by Robert, Cathy, Ann, and Mary Quay Wilson
  3. Forest Chalet decorated by Penny Looney and Grands