Gingerbread Village

A snow-covered village of scrumptious creations awaits you!  From cozy cottages to majestic mansions, all are designed by local chefs, businesses, individuals and groups, and are nestled across the landscape of this magical gingerbread village!  

To join us as a Gingerbread decorator this year, please visit the following link for more information.

2020 Gingerbread Village Awards

Most Creative

1. Santa's Candy Factory - Barb Rabinowitz

2. Three Kings' Pizza on Earth - Jennifer Chung Mason

3. Happy Holidays from Mt. Primas!  - Primas Bakery + Boutique

Best Traditional Design

1. A Happy Christmas - Regina Heimbach

2. Home for the Holidays - Mollie Smith, The Cookie Smith

3. To Grandmother's House We Go - Shari Moore

Best Use of Theme

1. Christmas at the Beach - Robert, Cathy, Ann and Mary Quay Wilson

2. Woodland Fantasy - The Cotton Family

3. The Barker Bunch - Candy Cottage

Children's Most Creative

1. Ideas of Christmas - Luke, Okley and Maggie Campbell

2. Santa's Ark - Camden Mason

2. Candyland Castle - August Smith

3. Christmas Camp - Girl Scout Troop #13227

Children's Best Use of Theme

1. Spooky Gingerbread House - Evan Grace Smith

2. From the Country to the City We All Love LeBonheur - Ceil Mashburn

3. Greedy Green Grinch Pinches Paw Patrol's Presents - Holly, Rachel and Owen Cottam