Visiting a Patient

Family and friends are always welcome at Le Bonheur, and there are no set visiting hours. For parking information, click here.

Here are some important things to know as you prepare for your visit.

  1. If you are not feeling well, it is best to refrain from making a visit. You are welcome to call the child’s room by calling 901-287-5437 and giving the patient’s name and room number.

  2. Visitors of all ages are welcome. We ask that you plan any visits from young siblings or friends and let the nursing staff know. A sibling or friend of a patient can be prepped by a member of our Child Life team to help them understand some of the things they might see in the hospital room.

  3. To optimize your visit, please let the family know that you are coming to visit before dropping by. Sometimes a patient and family can be away from their room for tests or procedures, or a family may want some alone time to rest.

  4. When you arrive at Le Bonheur, you will need to provide your information at the security desk. They will issue you an ID sticker to wear while you are inside the hospital.

  5. Because children may have latex allergies, we ask that you only bring Mylar balloons to patients inside the hospital.

  6. There is a gift shop located inside the hospital in case you would like to pick up something special for the family or child. If you cannot come visit, you can call our gift shop at 901-287-6155, place an order, and a member of our gift shop staff will deliver a gift to the child's room from you.

  7. Mail is delivered to patients Monday through Friday. Mail received after the child returns home will be forwarded to his or her home address. To send mail or packages to a patient, send to:

Child’s Full Name, Room #
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital
848 Adams Ave.
Memphis, TN  38103