Your Child's Room

All patient rooms at Le Bonheur are private. New bed sheets and blankets are provided each day. Each room has space for two family members to spend the night. Your child's room number is located on the sign outside your door.

Nurse Call

If you need to contact your nurse, use the bed control device to do so. This will direct you to a unit coordinator who will send your request to the appropriate person.

Bed Controls

If your child would like his or her bed adjusted, the controls are located on the side rail of the bed.

Room Boards

There are two boards located in your child’s room. The first lists your room number, your nurse’s name and your child’s plan of care for the day. The second board is for your personal use. It has magnets for hanging greeting cards or artwork.

Telephone and Cell Phones

Each patient room has a phone for your local use at no charge. Your phone number is printed on your phone. For outside calls, dial “9” then the number. For long distance calls, dial “0,” and the operator will transfer you to your long distance carrier. Long distance calls may not be charged to the room. When using your cell phone, please be mindful of where you are in the hospital so that other patients and families are not disrupted. A Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available for patients and parents who are hearing impaired. Ask a member of your health care team about this device.


The television in your room includes an entertainment system with cable, movies, games and hospital resources at your fingertips. You can also make housekeeping, maintenance and staff requests using your television. Turn on the screen and follow the prompts to make your selection.


Le Bonheur’s Environmental Services department will clean your child’s room every day. The nursing staff will change your child’s sheets as needed.


If something in your child’s room needs servicing (i.e. television, phone, etc.), Le Bonheur’s Engineering department will provide assistance. Let a member of your health care team know.


Bathrooms are located in all patient rooms with the exception of intensive care areas. Your child’s bathroom has a toilet, bathtub and shower for your convenience. If your child needs additional towels, soap, lotion or other toiletries, please let us know. Guest bathrooms are located on every floor.