Nursing at Le Bonheur

A message from our chief nursing officer

The first time I walked through the doors of Le Bonheur, I instantly knew it was a special place. Le Bonheur is a place of healing, and our nurses are strong, resilient, dedicated and fully committed to providing exceptional care to every patient that they encounter. Delivering family-centered care is the foundation of their work. Teamwork is their approach, and there is no obstacle that Le Bonheur nurses cannot overcome.

Nurses are the heart of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Recognized in 2016 by the ANCC Magnet Commission for Nursing Excellence, our nurses deliver the highest level of compassionate care achieving excellence in quality and extraordinary outcomes for children and families.

Nurses care for not only the child, but the whole family. Nurses help Memphis thrive.

As chief nursing officer, I strive to…

  • Make a difference in every life we touch,
  • provide an environment that will help to bring the child and family to their highest potential
  • create a culture of learning and professional development, and
  • help you achieve your goals

Join us, and we will help you on your extraordinary journey, making a difference in the life of every child.

Kathleen Seerup, BSN, MSHA, RN, NE-BC

Professional practice

The inspiration for our nursing Professional Practice Model quilt came from our founders -- a women’s sewing circle who called themselves the Le Bonheur Club. The patchwork quilt symbolizes our relationships and the diversity of our team. Our nurses are all uniquely talented -- and together, we work toward one common goal: to be at our best while caring for our patients and families.

Our professional practice is rooted in the five Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare values: service, quality, integrity, teamwork and innovation. These values anchor and drive our practice. Patients and families are at the heart and center of all we do. Caring is the work of nursing. The other foundational principles of our nursing practice model include:

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