Post-Mortem Guidelines

When a death occurs at Le Bonheur, the current process will continue to be followed with the following exceptions and additions. As a reminder – The Medical Examiner is initially contacted on every death.

  • The current “Post-Mortem Guideline for Le Bonheur Security” will be followed (including the paper Death Certificate) only if this is a case where burial is by the County and doesn’t involve a funeral home. This applies primarily to NICU patients.  There is no electronic process in place yet that addresses this issue.
  • For all other deaths, the paper Death Certificate will no longer be completed by the physician.
  • If the cause of death is not “natural” or is unknown, the Medical Examiner (ME) will initiate and complete the Death Certificate.
  • If the cause of death is deemed natural or known (and the ME has declined the case), Le Bonheur physicians will allow the funeral home to initiate the Death Certificate and route it to the physician .
  • If the funeral home is out of state, it will be the responsibility of that funeral home to initiate the Death Certificate and route it to the physician.
  • The VRISM e-mail notification system is not currently functional, so physicians will be contacted either by HIM or they will need to intermittently check their VRISM queue to see if there are pending cases.
  • An option may allow an Administrative Assistant access to the queues of designated physicians to monitor their lists. This requires a separate form and approval though the VRSIM system.
  • Once a Death Certificate becomes available for the patient, the physician will need to enter the appropriate information (see Physician Certification Instructions – Le Bonheur)

    Remember – You must be registered and have a password/pin # to get into the VRISM system to complete the certificate.

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