Le Bonheur Data Request

Our Le Bonheur leaders have come together to improve the request process for all of your data needs. 

I need Le Bonheur data for my project. 

We would love to help you with that. Here’s how to request it.

Data requests will now come through a centralized form for all request types including Quality, Decision Support, ULPS Performance/Finance, and Research. The Office of Data Management & Analytics will review the request and assign it to the appropriate department and analyst. Your assigned analyst will reach out to you to get the project rolling and estimate the timeframe for completion. 

Please note – Requests related to finance, research or registries may require additional review.

I would rather just call up my favorite analyst when I need data. 

Let’s share the love! By aligning our departments under the Office of Data Management & Analytics, we can determine who can provide the best service for your particular needs. The form has a scoring tool that calculates a prioritization score. Sharing information/resources + prioritization methodology + even distribution of work = improved turnaround times and results.  

Data Request Form

I really like the new data process and form, but I have a few suggestions.

We are constantly evaluating our process for collecting and prioritizing data requests. Your input is valuable. Please share your feedback after you have received the data you requested. 

Data Request Feedback Survey