Transfer Center and Transport Requests


Transfer Center

The Le Bonheur Transfer Center is on standby 24 hours a day, to facilitate patient transports and transfers. Call the Transfer Center for the following:

Transport/Pedi-Flite Checklist

1. Call the Transfer Center at 1-888-899-9355 to arrange for transport. Your call will be immediately answered by a transport communication specialist who will record:

  • Your phone number at the facility
  • Patient Name
  • Patient DOB
  • Patient weight
  • Complaint
  • Vital Signs
  • Be prepared to give report on the patient to our MD

2. Please copy the patient’s medical record, including lab. data and reports of other recent diagnostic/studies of patient.

3. Provide a disc or hard copy of any radiologic studies (x-rays, CT scans, etc.).

4. Fax the patient’s demographic (registration information) sheet to (901) 287-5161.

Complete 5-9 For Pedi-Flite Transports:
Prior to transport:
5. Have physician complete and sign the ‘Certificate of Medical Necessity’ form.

6. Please complete and have the parents sign the following forms:

  • “Authorization to Transport” form
  • “Blood Products Consent” form (if needed)

7. Notify the family that one parent may usually ride with the patient in the ground ambulance. Helicopter transports do not allow space for a parent to ride.

8. Please provide our Pedi-Flite team with copies of the following:

  • Patient’s medical record
  • Transfer summary (if appropriate)
  • Enclosed “Certificate of Medical Necessity” form
  • Laboratory test results
  • Radiographic Studies (disc or hard copy)
  • Name, address, phone number of MD referring patient to aid in providing follow up information.

After transport:
9. Please complete brief online survey or contact us online at with feedback on our performance.

10. For follow up information please call 1-888-899-9355 or (901) 287-4463.