100 Years of Le Bonheur Club



Le Bonheur Club is formed.


Le Bonheur Club holds the Le Bonheur Charity Horse Show with special host Bob Hope.


The Memphis Pediatric Society approaches Club members with a dream: building a hospital dedicated to children.


A goal of $2 million – ambitious in a post-war economy – is set to build a children’s hospital in Memphis.

June 15, 1952

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital opens its doors.


Le Bonheur Club members sew hospital gowns, bed linens and toys. 


Le Bonheur Club begins selling Gold Tags to raise money for Le Bonheur.


Le Bonheur Club celebrates its 50th anniversary and makes a $50,000 gift to the Hospital Building Fund.


Le Bonheur Club members revive the “Golden Girls” and raise funds for the hospital by singing at events.


Le Bonheur Club sponsors a new playground at the hospital.


Le Bonheur Club adds “baby hugging” as a shift at the hospital for infants requiring extended hospital stays.

June 15, 2002

Le Bonheur Club helps celebrate 50 years of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital


A therapy dog program is started at the hospital and Le Bonheur Club members volunteer as guides for the dogs and handler teams.


Plans are announced to build the new Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

February 14, 2008

Le Bonheur breaks ground for the new hospital. 


Le Bonheur Club establishes a $1 million Child Life endowment which today funds many things including a music therapist at Le Bonheur.


Le Bonheur Club and Chef Kelly English present the first Le Bon Appetit to raise funds for the hospital.


Le Bonheur Club donates a new specialized pediatric ambulance.

June 15, 2022

Le Bonheur Club hosts Le Bonheur’s 70th birthday party on the hospital’s front lawn.


Le Bonheur Club celebrates 100 years!

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