Volunteer Programs

As we begin to welcome volunteers back on campus, we will be utilizing a phased approach to having our volunteers return.  Over time, we will begin to onboard new individual volunteers and evaluate safe ways to bring back group volunteering opportunities.  Some of the in-person events or opportunities listed below may not be available at this time.  Feel free to email us at lbvolunteers@lebonheur.org to inquire about current opportunities.

We offer a variety of opportunities for individuals, groups, high school and college students to volunteer or shadow at Le Bonheur.  Please read below for an overview of our current opportunities to get involved.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Activity Cart - Volunteers take a cart of arts and crafts, games, and activities room to room on the inpatient units and engage in activities in the patient’s room. 

Baby Hugger - Volunteers interact with patients on the intensive care unit floors by rocking, soothing, cuddling, reading books and providing other age-appropriate activities.  The intensive care unit floors include patients ranging from newborns to toddlers.

Please note: We are not currently training any new volunteers for the baby hugger position. We encourage you to apply for our other volunteer positions, as many roles (especially unit buddies) frequently interact with infants and toddlers. We will update this website as availability changes.

Child Life Rooms– Volunteers facilitate play in the Pre-Teen/Teen room, provide creative outlets for our patients and families in the Creative Arts room or host movies in the Room of Magic movie theater.

Emergency Department – Volunteers assist staff, families, and patients by helping with the following: respite care for parents, entertainment or supervision of siblings, staff errands, and cleaning toys.

Unit Buddy -- Volunteers interact with patients on the inpatient floors by playing games, reading books and providing other age-appropriate activities.  The inpatient floors include patients ranging from infants to teens.

Reach out and Read – Volunteers read books aloud to patients, siblings and family members in Le Bonheur's outpatient center waiting areas.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above please click here to apply online!

Group Opportunities and/or Special Events

Arts & Crafts Activity - Plan crafts for patients and siblings ages 2-18. Host the activity by assisting patients in assembling the crafts. The group/organization is responsible for providing the activity and supplies. Volunteers of any age welcome. Group size: 8-10 people

Event Space Performances - Perform puppet shows, musical presentation, dancing, magic show, etc. Please provide song list for all performances. Activities/performances must be family-friendly. Volunteers of any age are welcome. Group sizes will vary.

Game Day - Host a game day in the event space. Your group is responsible for providing the games. Volunteers of any age are welcome. Group size: 8-10 people.

Room to Room Visits - Collect non-medical items for patients, such as books, toys, or stuffed animals, and deliver them room to room. Groups may also host a special event in the main event space to distribute items. Volunteers must be 14 years old to visit the hospital units. Group sizes will vary.

For more information on hosting a special event and to fill out the application click the link below. 

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Summer Programs

Summer Volunteer Program 2023

The application deadline for 2023 has passed. Please check back March 2024 for next year's application. 

Summer VolunTEEN Program 2023

The application deadline for 2023 has passed.  Please check back February 2024 for next year's application.  If you applied to the 2023 program, you will receive an email informing you of your status in the program on Friday, May 5th at 6:00 p.m.  Please note: our emails may go to your spam/junk folder.

Alternative Break Groups

Le Bonheur is fortunate to be a volunteer site for college students spending their spring, fall or winter break participating in community service activities. College and university students from across the United States come to Le Bonheur to give of their time to support the patients and families. Opportunities include: providing activities to patients and siblings on the inpatient units, emergency department and waiting areas, providing respite and support for families and staff, hosting our child life activity rooms, serving on the beverage cart and much more! 10 participants per group are allowed and the time frame is typically Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., one week per group.

Since we can only host one group at a time, we book up fast! We usually need eight months to one year notice of your trip. Interested colleges/universities must contact Allison Smith in Volunteer Services at Allison.Smith@lebonheur.org for available dates and more information.