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Our main campus is home to many departments and we understand it can be confusing. So we made a visual guide for it.

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Every detail of Le Bonheur was created around the needs of children and their families.

Father with daughter in rehab facility
  • We treat kids in a way that helps them heal faster, from small needles to flavored anesthesia.
  • Our care is designed around the emotional needs of children. Little details like red wagons, playrooms and Child Life specialists on each unit help kids cope with hospitalization.
  • Artwork all around our hospital. We believe whimsical and playful artwork has the power to offer kids peace and reassurance. Children can also select art to hang in their rooms, using our traveling art cart.
  • More than half of the beds in our hospital are devoted to infants and children who need the highest levels of care.
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Little boy playing with wall lights
  • Research shows kids get better faster when they are surrounded by loved ones. That’s why every patient room is private and has sleeping space for two family members.
  • Family rooms, play rooms, a special play room just for siblings, laundry facilities, a resource library and a mini-movie theatre that are available to families.
  • We have an accredited school program that provides year-round school services for children who may miss days, even weeks of school.
  • The FedExFamilyHouse is the first facility in Memphis to provide housing for families of patients receiving extended care at Le Bonheur. The house has community kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and patios.
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Technology at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
  • Each year, more than 1 million doses of medications are distributed by the Le Bonheur pharmacy, and we have technology that makes medication distribution safer and more efficient.
  • We have all the technology under one roof that will help us diagnose and treat your child.
  • We’re one of a handful of children’s hospitals using technology like MRI, functional MRI, intraoperative MRI (iMRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) in both neuroscience clinical care and academic research.
  • Our cardiac MRI capabilities lessen the need for diagnostic catheterization and extra radiation by providing a three-dimensional image of the heart’s structure. This provides a quicker, more thorough diagnosis, and allows extra planning for cardiac surgery.
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