Le Bonheur, UTHSC join Genomic Information Commons

Le Bonheur and UTHSC recently joined the Genomic Information Commons (GIC), a continuously updated and searchable genomic data commons. As part of this partnership, Le Bonheur and UTHSC will provide de-identified genomics and clinical data to the collaborative members and will be able to query other partner institutions for data and sample contributions. The GIC was founded by leaders at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, St. Louis Children’s Hospital/Washington University at St. Louis and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

CFRI published 317 articles in 2021

In 2021, CFRI researchers continued the upward trend in articles published with a total of 317 publications. This is the fifth year in a row that CFRI investigators have published more than 200 manuscripts. Thanks to the work of these investigators, the CFRI continues to search for answers for children who depend on cutting-edge research and clinical trials.

CFRI first to enroll patient in four studies

In four unique industry-sponsored clinical trials, the CFRI Clinical Research Team was the first to randomize a patient in the United States for each study. This significant accomplishment is the result of the hard work of the entire CFRI team including principal investigators and research coordinators.

In early 2021, CFRI Senior Director Marie Jackson, PhD, MBA, and CFRI Scientific Director Dennis Black, MD, challenged the team to focus on identifying and addressing barriers to rapid study startup. CFRI began participating in the Pediatric Improvement Collaborative for Clinical Trials & Research (PICTR) quality improvement program led by I-ACT for Children. The PICT-R team reviewed study feasibility as well as budgeting, contracting and regulatory processes to identify and mitigate pinch points. As a result of the team’s focus on startup, CFRI has been able to quickly launch studies and bring clinical trials to Le Bonheur patients and families.

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