Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics

The CFRI Biomedical Informatics (BMIC) and Biostatistics (BIOSTAT) cores offer investigators training and support to ensure successful implementation of small-, medium- and large-scale studies by providing state-of-the-art informatics expertise, solutions and technologies to meet study needs. The BMIC provides:

  • research data management
  • access to the Pediatric Research Database
  • clinical trials management
  • research honest brokerage (dissemination of de-identified data while maintaining protected health information)
  • grant application development

The BIOSTAT core provides statistical guidance and support to researchers, helping investigators design high-impact, scientifically and ethically sound studies. The core also helps researchers develop and implement rigorous data analysis plans.

Research data management

With our REDCap database tool, we can store data for research in a protected and secure database. We can also provide other data management/storage solutions if needed. Assistance with data management plan development includes:

  • providing appropriate text for inclusion in grant proposal
  • reviewing the need for access to existing data sources
  • quality assurance and data back-up procedures
  • planning for management and archiving of collected data
  • responsibility and roles

Research design and statistical support

We offer assistance in designing your research study in order to answer your hypotheses or research questions. We also offer statistical support, either through consultation or collaboration. Services available to researchers at all stages of the research spectrum include:

  • sample size and power calculations
  • study planning and design
  • statistical analyses
  • results reporting

Pediatric Research Database

Generating hypotheses from huge data sets is often challenging, and lack of complex analysis of data might lead to weak hypotheses. To overcome these issues and to assist researchers in building hypotheses from raw data, the CFRI BMIC provides an informatics resource called the PRD (Pediatric Research Database). The PRD is a de-identified clinical research database designed to make secondary use of rich data sources. This database allows researchers to query large patient populations to identify small subsets based on certain inclusion and exclusion criteria. Contact the BMIC if you would like to use the PRD.

Research honest brokerage

Honest brokerage services include:

  • hosting data sets
  • linking data sets from multiple sources
  • de-identifying data sets
  • delivering analysis-ready data sets

Grant application development

The BMIC and BIOSTAT cores support the development of NIH-funded research, as well as research funded by other federal and non-federal sources. Please note that researchers seeking assistance with grant applications need to submit a request for services at least two months prior the to UTHSC Office of Research Administration deadline.

Contact us

For more information, please email or by calling 901-287-6300.