Family Approach

The Fetal Center at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital not only cares for you and your baby, but your entire family. They provide everything your family needs to make informed decisions. The Fetal Center wants to partner with your family to ensure that the best care is delivered to both mother and baby.

Dr. Mari with a pair of twin who were born through the fetal center

“Every day, my husband and I were treated as if we were part of the NICU team that was caring for our children. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Le Bonheur."

BJ Mazurkiewicz, mother of twins

Lactation Consultants

Le Bonheur’s lactation consultants offer support specifically for Fetal Center families that is more in-depth than traditional breastfeeding classes. They cover topics like how to provide milk for a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and pumping techniques to maximize your supply.

Preparing Siblings

If you have children who need help learning about their new sibling’s special needs, Le Bonheur’s child life specialists are available. Using age appropriate resources, child life specialists can help siblings feel like a part of the process.

Classes for Expectant Mothers

Classes are available at the Fetal Center for expectant mothers. The Fetal Center classes are free and focus on topics including breastfeeding, sibling preparation and postpartum support. For more information, please contact the Fetal Center at (901) 287-6981. 

Parent Mentors

If you would like to talk with a family who has been through a similar experience at the Fetal Center, one is available through our Parent Mentor Program. The Fetal Center’s parent mentor can offer support and guidance, and discuss her experience with the Fetal Center.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care advisors are available to speak with your family about any ethical issues you may be facing, or to simply pray with your family. Having a high risk pregnancy is stressful, and our spiritual staff is here to provide comfort and support.

Fetal Center ReunionLe Bonheur Children's Fetal Center Reunion

This annual event offers an afternoon for families to reconnect with the team that helped care for them during the birth and delivery of their babies. Fetal Center families can also come together and share their experiences and make new friends. Le Bonheur staff of the Fetal Center looks forward to this event every year. 

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