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The state of Tennessee has approved the collaboration proposal between Le Bonheur Children’s and West Tennessee Healthcare to provide specialized care to children in West Tennessee.

This collaboration will improve access to expert pediatric care in West Tennessee by allowing Le Bonheur to place a Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital care unit inside Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Jackson, Tenn.

“We are pleased that the Tennessee Department of Health recognized the value that this pediatric unit at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, the first of its kind in the region, will have for families all across West Tennessee,” said Le Bonheur President Michael Wiggins. “West Tennessee Healthcare and Le Bonheur have long been committed to taking care of children in West Tennessee and this will ensure that families will continue to receive the best care close to home for years to come.”

Keeping kids close to home is always the best option, and together Le Bonheur Children’s and West Tennessee Healthcare are working to provide expert care for kids within the 18-county West Tennessee region. In addition, when children must travel to Le Bonheur’s Memphis campus for complex pediatric care, by working together, there will be a seamless transition among providers.

“This is just one great example of us finding new ways to ‘meet the need and make a difference’ for our communities, especially for our pediatric population,” said James Ross, CEO of West Tennessee. “We look forward to working with Le Bonheur to improve the health and well-being of the children in the region.”

Le Bonheur Children’s and West Tennessee Healthcare will work together to do what’s best for kids in west Tennessee.

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